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Performance Bluetooth Kit
(9 customer review)

Performance Tuning Kit

$79.99 $59.99


Note: Choose the Bluetooth version if you have an Android phone or device. Choose the WIFI version if you have an iPhone or other apple/iOS device.

  • Make the most out of your Thorton Performance Chip by adding vehicle diagnostic capabilities!
  • Plugs into the OBD2 port to communicate with your vehicle’s ECU and send important engine information to your phone or other device. Display vehicle data such as speed, torque, RPM; measure fuel consumption; and read and reset vehicle diagnostic codes.
  • The included splitter cable installs easily and can be used to double your OBD2 ports.
  • Now you can see the improvements that your Thorton Performance Chip is making to your vehicle Instantly!

What's included in the kit?
  • OBD2 Splitter Cable
  • OBD2 Car Scanner Adapter
  • Link to free diagnostic app for PC, Android, or iPhone (upgrade available in app)
  • Product Instructions

9 reviews for Performance Tuning Kit

  1. Robert Frank Chapman

    New customer… far I like what I’ve seen and read. Purchasing the performance tune-up kit along with my order.

  2. Craig

    I love this product it really works not a scam you can see Performance Definitely worth the money

  3. David Stevenson III

    You can definitely feel your car take on another personality . The only issue I had was I started with lowest chip snd ended up buying the highest chip a month later after wagging more and more with my STi worth every penny if you don’t wanna mod your car beyond a plug-in chip thst can easily be deleted from vehicle when you need to! Definitely recommend!

  4. Rob

    So far everything going smoothing the 24/7 live support chat always let’s you know theses people got steady business there is no trickery or sceem to this, you clearly like everyone here wanted something more for their car and here you are welcome friends!! 314 HEMI MO

  5. James Cribbs (verified owner)

    My names is j.cribb at first I wNt lie i thought. That Thornton chip hit lick on me .but I unplug it and put it but on .turns out it wasn’t plugged in all the way so I started over with the 150 miles again. Smh . And I honestly forgot about it and the next evening I noticed it ft more responsive more pepp to it and as I drove it I nailed it in the but and shyt it put smile on my face idk if jt gave me 60 horses but I tell u I gave me enuff to get my attention feels very strong

  6. Ben Duke

    Beginning customer never shop this app before but so everything seems fine.

  7. Joe seph

    I can say for sure as this relates to my 2005 TrailBlazer they’ve made this straight six run like a V8 with a bad attitude.
    Bottom line these guys know what they’re doing, very impressive.

  8. George Griffith

    The level 3 chip I bought from Thornton chip tuning for my ’96 mustang gt has done far better even than I expected it to do. When I put the spurs to my pony it takes off like a beast! I’ve been using it for over a year and the mpg has been far better even than advertised too. Have gotten 8 mpg better fuel mileage!! I highly recommend the level 3 Thornton chip for anyone with a mustang gt, it delivers what’s promised!!

    • Theo (store manager)

      Thank you George! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Looking forward to your next purchase!

  9. William Strange

    This tuner really works

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