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  1. Just received it. Works awesome haven’t noticed a gas mileage increase but highway acceleration is definitely better. I’ve recommended it to several people . Thanks

  2. I have a 2020 Escape SE with 160k miles. I have a CAI and a custom exhaust, without the tune it makes 200hp. I purchased the Stage 3 and it makes about 260hp. Very happy with it and I’m starting to enjoy the daily again. Gonna get one for my Hellcat soon!

  3. I put your stage 3 on my 2011 wrangler 3.8 liter. I’ve had it now for 3 tanks of gas and have seen great gas pedal response. I have replaced all exterior plastic with steel bumpers, fenders and a winch etc. I also run 35 inch tires and still have gotten 4 miles better gas mileage which I think is a big plus!! Just thought you’d like to know. Definitely will do business in the future.

  4. I decided to try the stage 3 chip in my 05 Cadillac STS 4.6 V8 and it surprised me. This is the first time I’ve ever put a chip in a vehicle,so I was skeptical but it made a hell of a difference. it defiantly made a good noticeable horsepower and milage increase. the shift points are also better. I had just put a cold air intake on the car also and after adding the stage 3 chip,it is like driving a different car. it sounds awesome and will set you back in the seat when you stomp it. I can’t seem to keep my foot off the floorboard……. This chip was so good that I ordered another one lastnight for my 07 Jeep Grand CherokeeLimited with the Hemi. I also ordered a k&n cold air intake for it. I can’t wait to add the chip and intake. These chips are great and I would recommend them to anyone wanting more power, torque and better gas milage.

  5. The chips works great. It’s like a different car. The pickup from stopping position is now quick and responsive. Gas mileage is already up 3 mpg.

  6. Got the chip ran it 125 miles 1st day. See that you pushed transmission to go to 6 and 7. Before with 37 in tires it would always stay in 4 th. I would try to push it to 8th and maybe 20 more horses. Love your product.

  7. Very impressive!
    Purchased chips for my ’05 4Runner and ’98 Corvette. The 4Runner V8 always got 18 mpg combined city/highway before the chip. Now, it is getting 22 mpg. The difference in power was immediately noticeable!
    I haven’t driven the Corvette due to weather but I will report back once the weather gets warmer 😊😊

  8. Bought the 3 Stage for My Mercedes Benz CLK350
    Worth Every Penny!!
    More Acceleration..Torque..HP!!
    Thank you!!

  9. Installed on 2019 Titan. Instantly could tell the difference in horsepower and throttle response. Haven’t had it installed long enough to verify gas mileage, but very pleased with the improved performance I’ve noticed so far

  10. The Thornton chip provided excellent horsepower and response. It fell awesome and I recommend it to all mustang owners, you will love it. Car sounds great too.


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