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 Toyota Performance Chip

Increase Performance and MPG with the Thorton Chip Tuning Toyota Performance Chip



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DELIVERS AMAZING POWER AND FUEL ECONOMY. Toyota Performance Chips From Thorton Chip Tuning are a plug and drive solution to add more power and increase the performance of your Toyota engine without making any permanent modifications. They can be used on stock or performance enhanced vehicles.

60 Second Installation. No Tools or Wiring Needed. The Thorton Performance chip does not take any special skills to install. Simply plug the chip into your car’s OBD2 port, start the engine, and drive to unleash hidden power!

Ultimate Horsepower and Torque Gains. When the chip is plugged into your car’s OBD2 port, it receives real-time data through the OBD2 connection allowing the chip to study your driving habits and modify signals sent to your vehicles ECU. By safely optimizing functions such as the ignition timing, air to fuel ratios, transmission shifting and fuel maps, the chip module provides the ultimate horsepower, torque and mileage gains.

GUARANTEED TO PROVIDE UN-MATCHED GAINS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Don’t settle for cheap knock-off chips that can damage your vehicle. We sell only custom made and genuine high-quality tuning products.


Toyota Performance Chips

Toyota Chip Tuning

  • More Horsepower
  • Increased Torque
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • 100% Tested And Proven
  • No Installation, Just Plug And Play
  • Smoother Idle, Response and Shifting
  • Lifetime Warranty With All Of Our Toyota Performance Chips
  • 3 Incredible Options To Choose From: Stage 1, 2 or 3!
  • Maximum Toyota Performance & MPG Gains.

    Toyota Performance Chips from Thorton Chip Tuning do not exceed the manufacturer requirements and work only within the tolerance of the engine. They will not change any of the settings permanently or void your car’s warranty. To return the car back to factory settings, simply turn off the engine and unplug the performance chip.

    GUARANTEED TO PROVIDE UN-MATCHED GAINS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Don’t settle for cheap knock-off chips that can damage your vehicle. We sell only custom made and genuine high-quality tuning products.

    30-Day Risk Free Trial

18 reviews for Toyota Performance Chip

  1. Mike M. (verified owner)

    The Thorton chip really works!! I ordered for my 2008 Toyota Highlander which has a custom exhaust and TRD air filter. My primary goal is fuel efficiency which I tested with both regular and premium fuel. On regular fuel without the chip I was regularly getting 330 miles out of a tank, now with the Chip approximately 380 miles. I did back to back testing and I did have to reset the chip and unplug it one time before it started to work properly. Tire pressure was always monitored and maintained regular driving habits.
    Thank you Thornton for making something that works on a Toyota!

  2. Art Alvarado (verified owner)

    I purchased the stage 2 a while back and love the performance and added fuel mileage. I’m giving it to a work associate who also owns the exact same car model, but anxiously waiting for my Stage 3 that I recently just purchased !

    Thank you all for the chip!

  3. William (verified owner)

    Just wanted to thank you guys for a product that actually works and is worth the money invested! Recently purchased a chip for my wife’s 2006 FJ Cruiser and power now is off the charts compared to what it was. I was little bit jealous and so I just ordered the chip for my 2016 Ram 1500 with a 5.7 l. Looking forward to the same results and thank you so much for making something that is worth buying!

  4. G Gray (verified owner)

    I purchased this product, thinking it might have been a scam. But I was very wrong. With the gas prices soaring I was desperate to find a way to get more mpg in my 2017 toyota tacoma 2wd. So far I am averaging 30 mpg and am very pleased with this product. I’m not a lead foot ,but the added hp is there when I need it.

  5. Doug B.

    I bought the stage 3 for my 96 Toyota Tacoma, i’m running a Magnússon supercharger @ 10.5 psi boost and methanol injection. The chip has worked out awesome saving me having to tweak the onboard computer, which is a big pain in the butt to do. Adding the chip I was able to pick up approximately 55 more horsepower which puts me at about 360-370 HP @ the crank.
    Awesome chip!!!! For my Rad & Bad Taco

  6. Mike W (verified owner)

    2020 Tacoma. 5mpg gain and I got the power to pass easily now. IM IMPRESSED

  7. Gino lavagnino

    Stages 3 purchase for Toyota chr very impressed with this chip . Quick response and more power then before should have bought this earlier

  8. Ben Duke

    So for good website

  9. Terry Olson (verified owner)

    I purchased this chip for a customer’s 2012 Toyota Tacoma with the 2.7L. And I will say he is very impressed. He is running 35 inch tires and it improved his fuel mileage tremendously and gave him more torque and better throttle response. Will purchase more later good job guys

  10. Andrew (verified owner)

    Got this chip for my 2001 Toyota Sienna because I felt like the v6 was missing some power as I was running a code for lean fuel. Plugged this baddie in and cleared the code, it hasn’t come back on 2 months later. Also went from turd mini van to a stop light queen and I can now hit top speeds, before I was struggling to stay at 80 mph on freeways. Overall improvement for sure!

  11. Dameon Criteser (verified owner)

    I’m the type of person that tell’s it how it really is.. Brutally honest I guess you could say and I bought the stage 3 performance chip for my Corolla and I have to tell you.. These chips are 100% legit my car has done everything that is advertised.. more HP.. more torque.. way better top speed and excellent gas mileage.. Also the chip hasn’t peaked yet either so there’s more to come and I really couldn’t be any happier with this product and I’m going to recommend it to anyone and everyone who will listen.. You guy’s at Thorton have really hit it out of the park with this one !!!

  12. Christian Dunn (verified owner)

    I’ve bought cheap chip tuners before and all they were was a red light in a plastic casing, needless to say it did nothing!! This Thorton chip tuner stage 3 or 60 hp gain definitely improved performance and acceleration. I also have an evc controller that I can set to ultimate 9 and it is ridiculous how much the throttle has changed. Supposedly with the exhaust, air intake, and now chip. I should be at 464 crank hp instead of 381 crank hp. I’m not paying to get dyno results when im not gonna race the truck but it definitely helped with the get up and go there’s no hesitation. I can get on the interstate with someone doing 80 and leave them on the on ramp. Starting at 40Mph.

  13. Kurt (verified owner)

    Got a stage 3 to help with towing.
    Really like this product works superb.
    Buying a stage 2 soon. Now that I understand what that stages are about.
    The stage 3 kicks ass. I’m hoping for the same performance

  14. Moin Hack

    Awesome product

  15. J.Gough (verified owner)

    I purchased a chip for my 2013 Toyota Venza V6, right away I could tell the difference. First gear acceleration was great but the performance I really noticed was at highway speed the gear change and horse power increase to pass moving vehicles was crazy. Then about the MPG it went from 18.9 to 20.5. This might not sound like much but the Toyota Venza V6 in notorious for getting bad gas bad gas mileage I was at the point where I wanted to sell this vehicle just to get better gas mileage glad I didn’t.

  16. Ken Jones (verified owner)

    The performance tuning chip is really making a difference to the drive and feel of the car. I like it!!! I think I’ll need more 😊

    • Mathew (store manager)

      Hi Ken! I appreciate your kind words! Looking forward to your next purchase!

  17. Brian Farrell (verified owner)

    Great addition, works great/does everything it said it would. Never expected that out of 4 banger,made car very quiet and added good gas increase when just cruising around town!It is a must own.I got stage 3, and have no regrets!

  18. Bobby Lee Beatty (verified owner)

    I love this chip! It really works and it’s cheaper than the other ones out there. I got the stage 2 and got better response, more horse power plus better mpg. I’m thinking about getting stage 3 now. Like they say go big or go home!!!

    I want a chip in all my car’s and trucks!

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