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  1. I got a 2012 rav4x4x4 special added this bad boy in and let me tell you. it feels amazing, throttles better more power and torque and smoother braking. I was a lil afraid if it will damage the engine. after one month I haven’t had any problems.

  2. I must say…. this is my 3rd tuner on 3 seperate trucks. I have been overall happy. Gas mileage seems to be a bit better yes. My power and torque I cannot really see or feel much . I have referred a few friends your way too.

  3. impressive

  4. I like the product very much. It took a couple hundred miles before I saw a gain in horse power and MPG but it is doing what was advertised, I noticed more power first then the mileage gain became apparent. Have not measured mileage yet but it is has increased as I see the gas pumps less often.
    Thanks for a good product that does what it is advertised to do.


  5. I bought of these for my cadillac and it was great. but I’m not seeing a option for my new car I have a 2019 jetta s 1.4 t all it show is on for the tsi 1.4 t

  6. Chip works as described. Stage 3 makes my truck so much more enjoyable to drive. Only got about 3mi to the gal. but that could be my driving now as well. Wish they could add a removal of the afm as well and just let the 8cyl motor be 8cyls. have that unit as well but can’t use both and the Thornton chip makes truck roll!

  7. Great product at a good price. I definitely noticed a power increase in my 2009 suburban but my favorite part is the shifting. It is way smoother and up a couple hundred rpm. I was hoping for more of a mileage increase but mine has 33” tires so I’d say with that difference it still increased probably 1-2 mpg and made up for tire size putting me at around 13.3 mpg. I obviously don’t drive a suburban for mileage so I’d definitely recommend this chip

  8. Made a big difference on my E550 Mercedes

  9. great product at a good price point. with in a couple of minutes my 2007 Ford Focus idle smoothed right out. I run polyurethane engine mounts. throttle response has improved as well. I am also running a manual transmission. the only thing I wish it came with is a bit better documentation on the unit, such as the gear icon on the unit. I should mention I purchased the stage 3 unit

  10. I have a stage 3 chip in my 2006 650i. At 3000rpm it hits a different level. and becomes a rocket. It feels like it now has a powerband like a 2 stroke. I recommend this product !


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