Does Chip Tuning Void Warranty?

For the most part, chip tuning is still misunderstood and may be perplexing to most car owners. Chip tuning consists of adjusting the fuel and ignition maps, as well as the timing of variable valve timing, rev limits, and speed limiters on the engine.

Performance tuning chips are the simplest approach to boost the performance of your car due to their ease of installation and maintenance.

The factory tunes of your car, set by manufacturers, are pretty conservative. The fuel and oxygen ratios are normally richer, and the ignition time is usually lowered. In addition, the engine’s redline and fuel cut are usually set at a level that the factory determines is a reasonable balance between performance and fuel economy.

According to the manufacturers, these adjustments made by tuning chips may jeopardize the vehicle’s safety and reliability. But we all know that this isn’t the case. Performance chips don’t take safety or dependability for granted. While factories frequently disagree, this does not imply that your warranty will be voided. Thorton performance chips may also be simply placed and removed multiple times without affecting your car or the chip.

We recommend taking out the chip prior to a vehicle inspection to avoid the possibility of the car warranty being voided owing to the manufacturer’s misinterpretation of tuning chips.

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